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Track heating oil prices in real time and understand the similarities between the current price of crude and home heating oil.  Follow heating oil market trends with charts and graphs to gain a better understanding where fuel prices are headed.
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Consider joining a buying group, companies like Pilgrim Oil Group unites heating oil consumers throughout the US.  Discount heating oil prices are available to members in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine to leverage their purchasing power for home heating oil.  Become a member of Pilgrim and you'll save an average of 22 to 32 cents a gallon. COD Heating Oil is available to all group members at discount prices.

Current crude oil prices has been developed to assist consumers in monitoring heating oil prices.  With so much focus on the heating oil industry, we thought it would be a good idea to give consumers the ability to be able to follow heating oil prices.  Fuel oil prices are dictated by current market conditions, and heating oil prices move with the New York Mercantile Exchange.  Being able to understand the market puts the average heating oil consumer in the driver's seat.  Being able to make an educated decision on oil prices is a key component in negotiating with your fuel dealer.

Heating oil demand is seasonal, there is an imbalance between fuel prices in the summer and winter months.  Demand for heating oil in the summer months is low with large inventories and little demand; it keeps heating oil prices lower.  Heating oil supply starts to fall as the winter approaches and consumers start thinking about heating their homes as winter progresses into the season; fuel supplies start to fall and heating oil prices start to rise.  If you have a large heating oil tank on your property, it's always a good idea to try filling it in the mid summer and try to hedge for the winter season.

There are many different options consumers can make when choosing a heating oil provider, there's a wide range to pick from.  Some heating oil companies pride themselves on having the lowest heating oil prices in the neighborhood; this is good until a service problem arises.  Some bark about the speedy service they offer which often means they probably have some of the highest heating oil prices.  Whatever the case, there should be a balance between the lowest heating oil prices and the best service; you can't have one without the other.  Pick a heating oil provider that has a little of both because having the lowest oil prices is great until a service call throws the savings out the window.

Look into a heating oil buying group, they seem to have the best of both worlds; low heating oil prices and are able to get excellent service.  Try to avoid paying any sign up fees.  Oil buying groups are able to negotiate with larger fuel suppliers to obtain discount heating oil prices for their members.  They are able to do this with collective buying power, grouping all members in an area to unite as one.

Do a little homework before choosing the method of oil delivery that's right for you.  Service is just as important as price, and there are reputable companies out there that will give you both great service with a fair price.  No one has a crystal ball to know what heating oil prices will be in the future; however, if you work with the right company or buying group, one that is loyal to their customers, you will have peace of mind and be warm all winter long.


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